Use arrow keys or A and D to switch lanes.

Earn points by crashing into cars and causing other cars to collide with one another. Try to create big chain reactions.

Made for the Extra Credits game jam in 48 hours. Theme: Awesome per second.

I will be expanding the game after the jam so stay tuned!

Edit: And I did expand it! The gameplay changed a lot and I replaced all art assets! I released it as a new game you can try here: Crashy Drive

Assets used

StatusIn development
AuthorAndy Grutter
Made withUnity


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Very well done my friend... I had tried it out from the discord progress channel but the sounds and effects really work...

You must not like your job very much....

If you ever add levels and bosses on that, name the final boss "Monday"...

Yay! This is one of the projects I was super excited to play watching updates on the game jam server. It's goofy, it's satisfying, it's fun. The aesthetic is simple and cute and the fire is very easy on the eyes. I would greatly like a bigger version of this game, something maybe a little more open with just a slight challenge.

Still -awesome! Thank you.


It's so satisfying to beat the traffic (literally)

Great game! Love the explosion effects!

It's good! I love how everything is flying all over the place :D

134500 Points.

I like it. Simple and explody.

Only the car sounds gets tedious after a while

Love the concept. It's simple, low-poly, yet so satisfying! Some music could make it a little more intense.